2007 - 2011

House 61, City Beach

This project on a 569m2 corner lot in City Beach was designed to take maximum advantage of the limited ocean views and adhere to strong passive solar design principles.


The building replaced an older style beach house and has been skilfully designed to suit the narrow block while adhering to the local authority’s policies on height and overshadowing.


The house is an articulated rectilinear form under a simple rectilinear roof. A strong travertine clad blade wall intersects the house and helps divide the house into distinctive zones.


The north façade is controlled to achieve summer shading to the windows.

The pool has been positioned hard against the house under a double volume “verandah” and can be clearly seen while moving through the house.


Light reflects off the pool surface sending shadows across the living room ceiling. A window in the pool allows ethereal light to the cellar below.